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Services & Prices

Basic wash

Hatch/sedan $100

SUV $130 | 4x4 $150

Full exterior hand wash and dry

Bug residue removed

Wheels and tyres clean

Tyres rejuvenated

Full interior vacuum

All interior surfaces cleaned

Windows and mirrors cleaned

Empty rubbish & deodorize

Boot included

Mini detailing

Hatch/sedan $300

SUV | 4x4 $350

Basic wash with premium products included +

Snow foam pre-wash

Bug residue removed

Wheels, arches and tyres clean

Paint sealant application

Full interior steam cleaned

Leather conditioning

Exhaust clean

Door jambs degreased and deep cleaned


Wheel face ceramic coat $150

Leather protection $200

Window protection $80

Paint protection $100

Head beams rejuvenated $120

Exterior Polish from $350 (please contact us for more info)

Full detailing

Hatch/sedan $700

SUV | 4x4 $750


Mini detailing included +

Textile surfaces cleaned with spray extraction cleaner (carpets, seats, etc.)

Interior full dressed

Engine bay detail

Paint decontamination

Exterior polish

Exhaust polish 

Ceramic coat package

Hatch/sedan $850

SUV | 4x4 $950


Basic wash with premium products included +

Gtechniq Ceramic coat application

Please note that the Exterior Polish needed for that is included

(Max 10k odo)

New car package

Hatch/sedan $1350

SUV | 4x4 $1450


Ceramic coat package included

Fabric and/or leather protection

Interior trim protection

Windscreen coating

Optional: exterior polish stage 2 (for enhanced shine) +$300

*Pricing estimates may vary depending on vehicle size and/or condition, subject to additional charges for excessive pet hair, sand & similar labour-intensive spills and for travel beyond 25km. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

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